26 July 2011

cafe lalo

Most famous for its brief appearance in You've Got Mail (remember when Tom Hanks first goes to meet his mysterious email correspondent and finds Meg Ryan with the rose and her copy of Pride and Prejudice? That's this restaurant), Cafe Lalo is just as warm and cozy as it appears on screen. Located on a lovely, brownstone-lined block, Cafe Lalo is elevated just high enough from street level that visitors lucky enough to grab tables by the huge, opened windows will look straight out into the glittering lights strung year-round in the trees outside. The menu is simple and straightforward (omelettes, salads, sandwiches), but can't compare to the selection of over 100 cakes, pies and tarts that are temptingly displayed in the front of the cafe. I can't promise that you'll find Meg Ryan waiting for you with a rose in hand, but I bet you'll enjoy it nonetheless.

201 W. 83rd St. (b/w Broadway and Amsterdam)

  fresh, organic eggs with feta, olives and mixed herbs
  authentic belgian waffle (go for the cinnamon whipped cream)
  black & white mousse cake

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