26 July 2011

chop't creative salad company


Two January's ago, I lived in NYC for a couple of weeks interning at Vanity Fair magazine. I officially worked until 6 but was "on call" 24/7 and often found myself among the last to leave the office. I'd be starving but lacking all energy to do anything about it, and for the first few days grabbed crappy sandwiches and salads from a deli on the same block as the office. But one day, one of the editors sent me out to grab lunch at a place called chop't. It was a small, bland and totally uninspiring-looking place, but the choose-it-yourself salad bar was appealing: everything looked fresh, and there were many attractive protein options (usually very much lacking at these kinds of places). Just as at every other salad bar in the city, you tell the guy behind the counter exactly what you want (or, for the non-creative, choose from a number of classic combinations), but here, once all the ingredients are thrown together, they dice everything up into small, bite-sized pieces. It sounds ridiculous, but it's absolutely delicious. With the dicing, the fresh ingredients and the many low-fat, tasty dressing options, these are by far the most reliably good, quick and easy salad places in the city.

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  balsamic vinaigrette
  dijon vinaigrette

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