26 July 2011

le pain quotidien

These adorable cafes & bakeries should exist in every city in the country. The food is good: tartines bubbling with melted, aged gruyere and smeared with homemade hummus, satisfying salads tossed with smoked salmon, grated parmesan, and toasted pine nuts, soups served with slices of freshly-made bread, pastries filled with rich cheeses and sugary fruits. Nothing will blow your mind, but that isn't the point: come for a quick, easy and relatively inexpensive lunch or dinner, and you'll always leave happy. The atmosphere is appealing - all the furniture is made from reclaimed wood - and virtually everything on the menu is guilt-free. Even better, because they're scattered all over the city, these cafes are a great option when you can't or don't have the energy to come up with somewhere new. Great place to meet for lunch or coffee during the week.

see website for locations

  atlantic smoked salmon tartine
  asian organic tofu salad
  cheese almond danish

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