10 August 2011

greensquare tavern

Whenever I hear about a health food restaurant that isn't a health food restaurant - ie the menu doesn't consist of steamed tofu, mung beans and sprouts, and the space isn't all linoleum and fluorescent lighting - I get excited. So, on my dad's recommendation, I happily met my family for brunch at Greensquare this past weekend. I walked right by the restaurant twice before I recognized it and came in. It's nothing special on the outside. But inside, the space is warm and welcoming, with a black-and-white tiled floor when you walk in, exposed brick walls and high ceilings. Even better, and extremely unusual for New York, the room feels spacious (yes, really). You actually have room to set your bag beside you and not worry about it being trampled, though, largely due to the restaurant's popularity, the space by no means feels cavernous. The menus are based on local, organic produce and sustainable meats, and priced relatively reasonably. For brunch, we tried an omelette with fontina and fine herbs, the buttermilk pancakes and the brioche french toast (both smothered in delicious, dark maple syrup). All were fantastic: simple but full of bright, fresh flavor. I haven't been for lunch or dinner but the menus look appealing (seasonal chopped roasted vegetable salad, grilled cheddar on hand-cut rustic bread, lensi organic linguini and shrimp) and, based on our brunch experience, I have no qualms at all about recommending this place for any meal of the day.

5 W. 21st St. (b/w 5th and 6th)

  egg white omelette with fontina and fine herbs
  buttermilk pancakes
  brioche french toast

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