11 August 2011

la delice

I live exactly one block from this tiny gem of a bakery, and I think the fact that I have only been lured inside three or four times since I moved to the neighborhood is a real testament to my self control. This place is truly magical. The air just outside the door smells strongly of sugar and flour; inside, the shelves are lined with beautifully frosted cakes and cupcakes, tiny oatmeal cookies, cheese-filled danishes and rugelach oozing with cinnamon and dark chocolate. The prices are reasonable (one mocha-chip cupcake and two mini cannolis cost $4...not that I would know), and the staff are friendly (though they will start shooting you evil glances if you spend too long making your decision and drooling at the shelves...not that I would know). If you're looking for a charming, old fashioned bakery, this is your place.

372 3rd avenue (at 27th)

  mini chocolate-covered cannoli
  cinnamon rugelach
  vanilla cupcake with vanilla icing

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