03 August 2011


I haven't actually been here. Nor am I likely to go, considering the $245 price tag attached to the 12-course pre-fixe tasting menu. But, having studied neuroscience in college and currently involved in neuroscience clinical research/ medical school applications in nyc, I am intrigued (to say the least) by a restaurant that declares itself to be guided by the Hippocratic Oath (and, more specifically, 'the relationship between the sensorial responses evoked by food and the way in which the mind recalls and remembers the experience'). Chef/owner Miguel Sanchez Romera has degrees in both neurology and neurophysiology, and practiced medicine throughout his stint as chef/owner of L'Esguard in Barcelona, which, incidentally, earned a Michelin star less than two years after opening its doors. The dishes at his new manhattan-based self-titled restaurant are designed to 'nourish the mind and awaken the senses,' and the space is meant to embody his two passions: the pure, white tones signify his medical background, whereas the warmer, colorful accents represent his culinary, artistic vision. Fascinating, right? Do me a favor and let me know if you get the chance to go.

355 W. 16th St. (b/w 8th and 9th)

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