26 September 2011

friend of a farmer

Just steps away from the gated Gramercy Park, Friend of a Farmer is the kind of cozy, friendly restaurant that every neighborhood should have. Reminiscent of a New England country house or farmhouse inn, with wicker bread baskets, exposed rafters and floral, fabric wallpaper, the space is softly lit and wonderfully quiet. Brunch can be crowded, though I hear the fluffy pumpkin pancakes are well worth the wait. I went for dinner, and can't recommend it highly enough. The food was fantastic - we both ordered simple, fresh salads tossed with honey-glazed shrimp,  blackened salmon, fresh fruit, and homemade vinaigrettes - and the space was comfortable and relaxing. We sat outside, on an appealing patio lit by the orange light of hurricane lamps. We decided that we'd come back for the indoor space - dark and cozy and lit with flickering candles - when (if ever) it turns to fall.

77 Irving Place (near 19th St)

  arugula salad with blackened salmon
  mixed greens with honey glazed shrimp

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