25 July 2011

barking dog

I saw the final Harry Potter movie last weekend with my roomate, her boyfriend and my brother. We left the theater around 8:30, walked a few blocks and realized, as the inevitable Harry Potter nostalgia wore off and we zoned back into reality, that we were all starving. The downtown Barking Dog was just a block or two away, so we headed over. The hostess sat us in the outdoor area - lots of space, a fountain, twinkling lights - and we ordered two excellent salads (one with shrimp and avocado, the other with grilled portobellas), a juicy cheeseburger and a sandwich with grilled chicken, melted mozzarella and a homemade basil pesto. This (admittedly sub-par) story serves to illustrate the use of this cozy restaurant: it's the perfect place to stop when you want to grab a quick bite with some friends. The food, though not spectacular, is consistently good and across-the-board inexpensive, and the atmosphere is lively and fun, particularly if you can grab a table outside. But beware: lines for brunch can stretch halfway down the street.

150 E. 34th St. (at Lex)
1678 3rd Ave. (at 94th St.)

cajun po boy
grilled portobella mushrooms
shoestring potato fries

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