22 July 2011


An adorable, if slightly noisy, neighborhood bar, bakery and cafe. I moved to murray hill recently and have to say that there isn't much in the way of memorable restaurants (excluding, of course, the eight million Indian places). But this is the type of place that every neighborhood ought to have: homey atmosphere, lively people, good food. My roommate and I try to go once in a while to catch up. She loves the curried chicken salad; I'm committed to the 'when veggie met sally' salad with goat cheese, green apple and delicious veggie burger crumbles. The warm sandwiches that are constantly coming out of the kitchen, oozing with cheese, grilled veggies and freshly-made sauces,  always look amazing, too.

159 Lexington (near 30th St.)

  curried chicken salad (always enough for leftovers)
  when veggie met sally
  warm brie and green apple sandwich

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