22 July 2011

plaza food hall


I took my first steps in the lobby of the plaza, so - I admit it - I'm a little biased. But I love it here. Yes, the food is a little pricey, the space can get crowded and you might see more than one or two tourists, but that old-world charm that still hangs in the air of this landmark hotel undeniably pervades the warm and glittering food hall that only recently opened in its basement. There is a little bit of everything here: fresh seafood, burgers dripping with melted cheese, rustic flatbreads, cakes and cupcakes straight from the oven, and an impressive selection of wines, cured meats and cheeses. Come with a friend for lunch or stop by after work. I promise, you'll enjoy it.

768 5th Avenue (at Central Park South)

  food hall mezze
  crab salad rolls
  fig and prosciutto flat bread
  plaza nicoise salad
  whole grilled branzino

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