22 July 2011


I'd never heard of shabushabu when I first came here a couple of years ago. The place is tiny, with maybe 7 or 8 tables, and is always buzzing. Shabushabu, like fondue, involves adding thinly-sliced raw meat and assorted, uncooked vegetables into a pot of boiling water that sits in the center of the table. Within minutes, the water-color deepens and the water becomes broth-like and intensely flavored, and the table becomes shimmery with smoke. If the idea of raw meat scares you (as it did me), listen to this: my waiter told me that the meat is sliced so thinly that all you have to do is swish it into the water with your chopsticks and say "shabushabu," and it will be cooked. I tried it, and he's right. But for those who are less adventurous, Shabu-Tatsu also serves excellent Bibim Bop and various Japanese barbeques.

216 E. 10th St. (near 2nd avenue)

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