22 July 2011

the stanton social

Foodies will know chef/owner Chris Santos as the bald-headed celebrity judge on Food Network's Chopped. The Stanton Social opened in 2005 and has remained intensely popular. The atmosphere (dark glossy tables, glittering overhead lights) is trendy, reminiscent of Buddakan or an elevated Spice. But the food is phenomenal. The dishes, all served as tapas, range from the delicate french onion soup dumplings to the spicy lamb souvlaki to the browned and buttery roasted octopus. Come with as many people as possible and try everything: if you're picky, don't bother.

99 Stanton St. (near Ludlow)

  potato and goat cheese pierogies
  red snapper tacos
  spicy lamb souvlaki

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