01 August 2011

Easy Sangria

The high on Friday was 98 degrees, and the humidity index near 100 percent. Seriously, New York? I had a couple of friends coming over after work and couldn't even think about cooking, so I turned to a favorite drink. Sangria is easy to make and incredibly refreshing, thanks to the added carbonation and pieces of fresh fruit. You can vary this recipe however you'd like - I used oranges and lemons because I had them on hand, but grapefruit, mango, strawberries and peaches are other favorites. This is a fun, pretty and particularly summery drink. Enjoy!

1 bottle red wine
2 cups ginger ale (I used diet)
1 lemon, sliced
1 orange, sliced
1 tbsp sugar

Combine wine, fruit and sugar in pitcher
Chill for at least an hour
Before serving, add ginger ale (don't add too early, or you'll lose the carbonation)
*if you don't have time to chill, just add ice

Serves 4

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