05 October 2011

peg leg pete's

In my (admittedly biased) opinion, Pensacola's white sand beaches are some of the most beautiful beaches in the world. Even better, there are a number of great seafood restaurants that line its shores. I have been going to Peg Leg's since I was a toddler, though I have to admit that, as a child, I refused to order anything besides the crispy chicken fingers (they were served in a logo-laden bucket that I was allowed to keep!). But over time, as the excitement of scoring a plastic sand bucket whittled away, I came to realize how fantastic this local haunt really is and to appreciate the freshness of the seafood it offers.

Don't let the touristy nature of this restaurant fool you. The plates are presented with heaping servings of some of the freshest and most well-prepared seafood I've ever had. The menu is extensive, but the fresh, steamed shrimp and sauteed crab claws are my favorites. The fried crab claws (pictured above) and the oysters are great, too. Almost all the dishes come with your choice of two sides. The options are simple, meant to complement rather than overwhelm the seafood. I'm a huge fan of the buttery corn on the cob.

This is a great restaurant, but be prepared to wait for a table if you are going on a weekend night, especially during the summer!

1010 Fort Pickens Road, Pensacola Beach

  steamed shrimp 
  sauteed / fried crab claws
  side: corn on the cob

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