15 February 2012


Ever find yourself wishing that you could find a fantastic little Indian byob that was wrapped head-to-toe in colorful wrapping paper and strung up with an outrageous number of twinkling christmas lights? Look no further: Milon, on the East Village's Curry Row, is the spot. The decor is hands-down the number one reason to come here (though the super-friendly staff and constant stream of bollywood pop music come in a close second). This tiny Bangladeshi restaurant is a great place to come with friends - bring a few bottles of wine, order some food, and you can sit and chat as long as you like.

The food is inexpensive but unremarkable. The lamb biryani was a bit too oily, the chicken curry a little bland, and the naan piping hot but dense and chewy. However, my chicken tikka (see picture to the right) was delicious - juicy, boneless chicken marinated in a combination of yogurt and tandoori spices and then baked - and the alu chole - a rich stew of potatoes and chickpeas - was fantastic.  I'd also recommend the piazi - rich and crunchy veggie fritters (see picture below). But bottom line: the food is not the reason for the long lines and packed tables.
And a quick tip: if you want to come around 7 or 8 on a Friday or Saturday night, call ahead for a reservation in order to avoid a long wait on the steps outside.

93 1st Ave, 2nd floor (between 5th and 6th Streets)

  piazi (veggie fritters)
  chicken tikka
  alu chole (potatoes and chick peas)

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