25 July 2011

blue smoke


My dad and brother are avid jazz fans, so I've known all about the Jazz Standard for years. Until recently, however, I had no idea that this jazz club, which is one of the best in the city, happens to be buried beneath the best barbecue joint in Manhattan. Great coincidence, right? I love everything about this place: the wooden tables, the red vinyl booths, the smoky smell of barbecue that (particularly on hot summer nights) literally hangs in the air. Everything I've ever had here is phenomenal, though I'd particularly recommend the juicy pulled pork and applewood-smoked chicken. The chocolate cake is a must: there's nothing gourmet about this rich and sticky concoction that's smothered in buttery, deep chocolate icing, and I mean that in the best way possible. Come hungry and plan to walk home: it'll feel good, I promise.

116 E. 27th St. (b/w Park and Lex)

pulled pork platter
applewood-smoked organic chicken
chocolate cake

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