25 August 2011


The rainbow roll is $5.95. The california roll, $3.25. The shrimp tempura roll, $3.25. As any sushi-loving new yorker knows, these prices are virtually unbeatable in this city, and it isn't at all surprising that this place is always packed. As a disclaimer, I'll tell you upfront that there is nothing at all remarkable about the food. My shrimp shumai were good, not great; my inside out roll (with scallop and cucumber) was simple and fresh, if a bit on the small side; my seaweed salad was...well, your typical seaweed salad, tossed with sesame oil and red pepper flakes. But for all this, I paid only $12. And the atmosphere is cute: small and dark, a bit on the loud side though not terrible, filled with twenty-somethings and smelling ever-so-slightly of alcohol (beer and wine start at $4).

In short, come for decent food at remarkable prices. For $12, how could you regret it?

306 E. 6th St. (b/w 1st and 2nd)

  shrimp shumai
  spicy salmon roll
  inside out spicy scallop and cucumber roll

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