01 August 2011


I grew up just outside of philly and so, when I started hearing about this new philadelphia-based yogurt chain that had opened up shop in the west village, I wasn't so excited. Philly's great, but I moved to New York because it's better - better restaurants, better theater, better museums and yes, better froyo. However, after leaving the film forum last night (I saw the El Bulli documentary, which I loved, though you've gotta be absolutely fascinated by molecular gastronomy to enjoy it) and realizing that 1) it was still five thousand degrees out and 2)16 handles was all the way across town, I was easily convinced into walking the couple blocks to phileo. And I must admit - it isn't bad. It's even good. The froyo is a bit heavier than 16 Handles (I prefer lighter and airier) and there are eight (as compared to sixteen) choices, but the flavors are fantastic and the toppings bar just as impressive. If you're in the area, stop by. Great for a late-night sweet tooth.

267 Bleecker St. (at Morton St.)

  dulce de leche

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